New addition to ABC SETA Support

From: Martin, Tom (
Date: 02/09/01

For one and all in the Agent Based Computing community.

Laura Douglass has joined our team at Schafer supporting Jim Hendler and
Agent Based Computing.  She joins us in a technical SETA role.  

Her most recent position before joining Schafer was as a Special Assistant
to Dr. Delores Etter, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Science and

The CoABS folks met Laura in Miami, her second week on the job.  The DAML
folks will meet her next week and TASK folks at the PI meeting in a couple
months.  You will all see e-mail from her, just as you will continue to see
it from Brad and me.

Doyle and John, please add Laura to appropriate mailing lists when you get
the chance.

Thanks much,


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