Re: Clarification regarding February 16th, the day after the DAML Mee ting

From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 02/07/01

  Just so you know what is going on a bit better -- the interest in 
DAML among people in the intelligence community is very high, and a 
number of people who control research budgets are thinking of working 
with us.  We had about 5 different groups who wanted us to schedule 
separate demos, and we realized that if we pulled them all together 
it would save you all a lot of wear and tear on travel.  Also, a 
couple of other DARPA PMs are interested in DAML for their programs, 
and we thought this would be a great opportunity for them to get to 
see your stuff "up close and personal".  Obviously we decided all 
this very last minute, and then needed to be sure the right people 
would attend.  At this point we have only a small number of people 
registered, but they represent a lot of funding, so we hope this will 
lead to new opportunities for you and your colleagues.  In addition, 
we are looking like we're going to be in pretty good shape for being 
able to pick up most people's outyear options (at least the FY 03 
funding), but we need a little bit more "Buzz" to be sure we can 
weather transition to a new DARPA director - I think this is the 
right audience for that buzz.
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