Wireless Connectivity

From: John Flynn (jflynn@bbn.com)
Date: 02/09/01


We will again have wireless connectivity during the DAML PI meeting at the 
hotel conference rooms. It is possible that the signal will reach some of 
the individual rooms on other floors but don't count on that. We are 
providing two different wireless systems. One is the standard 802.11b 
system. If you don't have an 802.11b PCI card and plan to purchase one be 
sure to get the "gold" card that will support 128 bit encryption. My 
understanding is that Jim authorized the PIs to purchase an 802.11b card if 

The other wireless system that will be in the hotel conference room is the 
AirEzy. The AirEzy is a small client box that connects via a short ethernet 
cable to your PC/Mac ethernet card. If your PC/Mac networking configuration 
is set for dhcp, the dhcp server will provide you an IP address. We have a 
total of six AirEzy clients that you may borrow during the conference. 
Since they are plug-and-play (no software to install), it will be easy to 
swap them around between people who want to check their email.

We will also have IRC chat sessions set up via daml.org that you can use 
for discussion groups. They are automatically archived, so be careful with 
your comments about the speakers :-).


John Flynn
DAML Integration PM
BBN Technologies
(703) 284-4612

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