Re: second-order aint reflection

From: Dieter Fensel (
Date: 10/16/00

At 10:56 AM 10/16/00 -0500, pat hayes wrote:
>Hi Deiter, thanks for the reply. One quick comment:
>>.... Actually we seem to agree in
>>the message of the paragraph. Many frameworks and applications
>>in knowledge engineering ask for a second-order "flavour" in
>>a sense that one has predicates over predicates (i.e., meta
>>classes). ....
>But the point of my message was to urge that predicates over predicates, 
>ie second-order predicates -  are NOT meta classes, at least as 'meta' is 
>understood in philosophical  logic, where it refers to descriptions of 
>syntax rather than descriptions of predicates. Maybe this terminology has 
>changed, or is used differently in some other community?
>Pat Hayes

Hi Pat,

Finally, I got your point. I do not think the terminology used by my 
community is really different, it is just a bit more
sloppy. I think we still agree on the message of the paragraph that we 
should look for the service of meta-classes
in OIL without being afraid to need second-order logic (because as you 
pointed out this can be handled within
a first-order framework).



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