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From: Tom Hash (thash@bbn.com)
Date: 10/16/00

<VIA Brad Harris>

We have had many questions about dollars for the efforts and have received
some inputs that have been more verbose than what we need to boil down to.
Here is the template again with a few extra explanations and an excellent
example following.

Project name, PI(s), affiliation(s)
Key technology tasks and deliverables:
1. Do xyz, will deliver abc. % of budget
2. ..... % of budget
(3) ..... % of budget

Project budget (for the duration of the project - from beginning to end -
this also applies to the %.)

We also need to know about other funding for your projects (so that we do
not claim to be funding a project someone else has in their presentation as

Regarding the percentages, we are looking for ballpark figures.
Here was an excellent sample. Though the deliverables might be a little
more explicitly broken out we can deduce the deliverables and 4 tasks is
about the acceptable high limit. The concise nature of the tasks is what we
are looking for. Note we are looking for a very high level rollup:

DAML Integration and Transition John Flynn & Mike Dean BBN Technologies

1. Maintain DAML Lab, www.daml.org, mail lists and other
collaboration services, software repository, and
program demonstrations 25%

2. Integration, develop program plan, coordinate research
teams, package results 50%

3. Transition, coordinate with CALL and other users,
identify requirements, support and develop prototype
applications 25%
Project budget

Anticipated total funding will be $x,xxx,xxx through the end of December
2001." (from beginning to end is what we're looking for)
Results from the DAML project have been used in projects funded at BBN by
Intelink as well as by Industry (this does need to be more specific).

For those who have submitted lengthy statements vice concise, I will cull
down what you have given me or if you prefer not to have me interpret please
resubmit shorter versions. Let me know if you intend to resubmit.

Many thanks,

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