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From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 09/11/00

  Illness finally gives me a day to catch up on some DAML tasks.  One 
is to send this message re: our mailing lists.

The mailing lists daml-language and daml-lifecycle (and any other 
w/DAML prefix) will not be opened to the general public.  They are 
restricted to this group and  our advisors.  They are intended 
primarily for admin and other non-technical issues that folks don't 
want to see going beyond the funded researchers and other DAML 
participants.  You should all subscribe to whichever of these lists 
are related to you work (Tom Hash sent email on subscribing).  I 
expect these to be LOW VOLUME lists (and if they're not, will need to 
impose controls)

The W3C is now maintaining, opened as of today, 
which is open to the whole world.  That would be the best place to 
send general technical discussion about web logics and ontologies - 
and it will be open to anyone who wants to play (tell your colleagues 
- get them involved!)  I invite you to subscribe and/or at least 
track the archives.  (to subscribe: send 'subscribe' in Subject: to

I encourage you all to join this list and to participate in this process
  -Jim H.

p.s. Also coming soon, internet chat group for DAML participants - 
stay tuned for details...

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