Action Item list available, daml-all mailing list active

From: Tom Hash (
Date: 09/06/00 mailing lists-

The daml-all mailing list is now active.  For help with adding and removing 
yourself to lists, send an e-mail to with the word 
"help" in the body.  The current lists are daml-all, daml-language, 
daml-lifecycle and daml-graphical. is no 
longer in use and is being replaced by

-Action Item list-

The Action Item list is now available on-line at
username: daml
password: isoxml


The use of passwords to access secure areas of will 
end next week.  Everyone involved in the program (those affiliated with one 
of the 16 technology developers) must request a certificate from  Use the same username and 
password above to access this area.


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