Joint Committee Minutes 20 November 2001

This page summarizes the telecon for the Joint US/EU Committee on Agent Markup Languages held from 1300 to 1400 PST on 20 November 2001. These minutes were prepared by the chairman, but have not yet been reviewed by the participants.



Thanks to Peter for chairing last week.

Pat noted the on-going discussion about query languages on www-rdf-rules.

Last Week's Minutes

The minutes from November 6 and 13 were approved by those present.

DAML+OIL Submission

No URL has been officially associated for the W3C Note yet. It's unclear exactly where we are in the submission process timeline -- it would be nice to have a final URL for the next WebOnt telecon November 29.

The W3C process for submitting notes is currently under review. They've acknowledged our feedback.


We discussed the datatyping proposals currently being considered in the RDF Core WG, which solicited feedback from the Joint Committee and WebOnt.

Peter expressed his primary concern that, under the leading S proposal, XML documents would not be even close to valid RDF.

Proposal P is close to what's now in DAML+OIL, but not exactly what is in DAML+OIL.

It's unclear whether any of the proposals would support user-defined datatypes.

There was some discussion about the different value spaces in the decimal/hex/octal example from Patrick Stickler.

DAML+OIL segregates types [need clarification here]. Pat felt that this probably wouldn't be acceptable to the RDF Core WG.

ACTION (Peter): write-up his proposal for a "box that never lies".

In terms of DAML+OIL compatibility, the U proposal (typed literals) would be the easiest to accommodate. We could accommodate the S proposal (which requires blank nodes).

Most RDF Core proposals don't seem to provide a means of specifying the range of a (datatype) property.

Next Week

We'll plan to cover


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last week's minutes
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