Joint Committee Minutes 12 June 2001

This page summarizes the telecon for the Joint US/EU Committee on Agent Markup Languages held from 1300 to 1400 PDT on 12 June 2001. These minutes were prepared by the chairman, and were approved during the 26 June telecon.



No announcements this week.

Last Week's Minutes

Last week's minutes will be reviewed next week.

DAML Layering

We discussed Stefan's updated proposal.

Peter noted that the recognition, subsumption, and consistency problems are computationally equivalent, therefore eliminating class expressions doesn't reduce the computational complexity. Sometimes the easiest implementation is to write the theorem prover. We may have to further reduce the meanings of features to get a complexity benefit.

We may also want to distinguish complexity for compiler writers vs. end users.

ACTION (Peter and Stefan): refine the options and proposal offline.

Ian noted that medical domain ontologies tend to record lots of machine-readable extra-logical information.


The proposed W3C Web Ontology Working Group appears to be on track for a late summer start.

Peter expressed concern about the draft charter having 2 separate goals: ontology and rules. Ian reminded us of Ora Lassila's advice not to dilute the focus, and to go in with a strong proposal. The WebOnt rules effort may be staged, giving the Joint Committee and others time to experiment with rules and make proposals while the working group focuses initially on the ontology language.


The DAML-S 0.5 Web Services ontology has been released, and represents a significant application of DAML+OIL. Joint Committee members are encouraged to review it, and can send comments to Jim for aggregation.


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