Joint Committee Minutes 5 June 2001

This page summarizes the telecon for the Joint US/EU Committee on Agent Markup Languages held from 1300 to 1400 PDT on 5 June 2001. These minutes were prepared by the chairman, and were approved during the 26 June telecon.



There were no announcements this week.

Last Week's Minutes

The minutes from May 22 and 29 were approved by those present.

DAML Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mike had previously referred to the draft FAQ, which hasn't been recently updated.

Pat Hayes suggested some additions.

ACTION (Mike): draft additions

We should discuss the relationship of XML, RDF(S), and DAML+OIL. Ora might already have some text available.

The FAQ should solicit additions, to be sent to

Concerning the issue of gentle introductions to building ontologies, Deb referred people to her 10 year-old "Living with Classic" paper. She also pointed us to an ontology 101 paper which uses the living with classic ontology as a starting point. An update for DAML+OIL would be valuable. Deb volunteers to co-author.


We discussed Pat's message summarizing his discussions with Stefan, which suggests 2 rule languages: RULES4DAML and GENRULES.

Peter noted that there are 2 ways of doing rules: rules of inference and action rules -- most folks want rules of inference.

GENRULES could be a subset of a CARIN-like RULES4DAML.

Ian noted that we're in relatively uncharted territory, compared to designing a Class-based language. CARIN (one of the few other efforts in this space) used a weaker DL than DAML (Classic) and weak rules to remain decidable. Its main agenda was to identify the boundary of decidability. CARIN has been implemented and people are using it.

GENRULES is similar to RuleML, but perhaps less general. It wouldn't necessarily preserve DAML semantics.

CWM is an example/candidate for GENRULES, but would need more clearly defined semantics.

Ian noted that Classic applications tend to have a small number of classes and a large number of rules.

Pat noted the need for rule interchange.

Rules can be used to implement/represent higher-level language features (e.g. computed classes), but there's concern about guaranteeing consistency of results when certain things can be expressed in both languages.

What's the schedule for DAML Rules? It's not required for the DAML PI meeting, but that would be a good opportunity to get feedback.

ACTION (everyone interested in rules): review CARIN

ACTION (Pat and Stefan): continue working on strawman proposal(s)

Next Week

We'll discuss Stefan's updated layers proposal.

Mike, Ian, Peter, and (maybe) Frank will plan to call in from the OntoWeb Kickoff Meeting in Crete.


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