Re: Joint Committee telecon today 26 October

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider ([email protected])
Date: 10/26/04

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    Comments on today's discussion (in the absence of our usual quasi-scribe):
    1/ Pat mentioned that neg is not very standard wrt FOL.  There was some
    discussion on whether to change back, Pat and Peter are among the not
    group.  The consensus was to mull this over for a week. 
    2/ Mike told Mark that we weren't going to submit to W3C immediately.  Mark
    worries about delays, so the suggestion is to submit before end-of-year,
    even over some objections.  In light of this, an announcement should go out
    next week.
    3/ Peter will update the XML schema in light of Mike's pointing to the SWRL
    XML schema.
    4/ The plan:  2+ "docs",  1/ minimalist doc, 2/ FOL rule ml, 3/ cover
    letter, including pointer to SWRL builtins.
    5/ The document may need changing to ensure that a quantified formula
       can have multiple variables but only one formula. 
    6/ Pat mentioned that this FOL is only binary.  Why not make it n-ary?
       Peter suggested leaving thing as they are, and Pat (reluctantly) agreed.

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