notes from today's 8/10/04 Joint Committee telecon on SWRL-FOL spec and workplans, and future of JC

From: Benjamin Grosof ([email protected])
Date: 08/10/04

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    % notes from Joint Committee telecon 8/10/04
    % by Benjamin Grosof
    Mike Dean
    Peter Patel-Schneider
    Benjamin Grosof
    Said Tabet
    Ian Horrocks
    Harold Boley
    o FOL language spec
    o future of Joint Committee
    we have currently three proposals:
    SWRL FOL proposals (all - 30 min)
       minimalist [1]
       FOL RuleML [2]
       SCL [3]
    it would be nice to have minimalist and FOL RuleML relate more closely,
    and generally to dump less work of reconciling the three
    we'd like feedback from SWSFL folks, esp. Process Modeling subgroup
    criteria for them include:
    1. more Webized than KIF
    2. fairly basic version of FOL is probably initially adequate;
    they're not expecting markup for lots of extensions until at least mid-autumn
    3. It would help if the FOL language relates closely to the SWSL-Rules
    language, which is a presentation syntax of an expressive extension of RuleML
    4. cognitively, one proposal (rather than two) from JC, with at least a
    paragraph on comparison to SCL and
    Peter:  towards that end, it would help initially to have a short summary of
    each of the current three proposals
    Harold:  the FOL RuleML is overall a superset of the minimalist FOL proposal,
    but if subset'd to extending from the SWRL subset of RuleML then it
    corresponds "precisely" (well, quite close...)
    - this using Peter's principles for extending: pretty textbook-y
    - see Harold's very recent msg (on JC archive)
    1. let's shoot for one proposal, keep it fairly basic,
        relate it to RuleML incl. SWRL, merging the minimalist and the FOL RuleML.
    - we can call our spec SWRL-FOL
    2. let's also make an issues list incl. esp. for extensions,
    - e.g., in directions of HiLog, reification, lists; also F-Logic
    - we can get more from SWSL, e.g., many of the extension features discussed
       in the SWSL-Rules design document
    - however, SWSL -- i.e., its Process Model subgroup -- does not yet have a
       crisp full story on what extensions are needed, and how soon,
       beyond basic FOL are needed
    Action item for all:  review Harold's msg above
    o future of Joint Committee
    tentative plan:  go into hibernation, meet less frequently,
    after we do our FOL spec, say in Oct. then have telecons go to biweekly,
    then regular telecons at even longer intervals,
    say every month or two starting in Dec.
    Mark Greaves has requested that when we go into hibernation we make a
    few-sentence statement about why, and about who we're passing the torch to
    on our major items such as on rules (e.g., to RuleML and W3C) and on FOL
    (e.g., to SCL and SWSL).
    next week no meeting (Aug. vacations/trips, incl. of Mike Dean)
    resume telecons starting on 8/24
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