SWRL RuleML Suggestion

From: David Z. Hirtle ([email protected])
Date: 07/15/04

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    Hello Mike and all,
    As was discussed in the last JC telecon, the RuleML XSD
    (http://www.daml.org/rules/proposal/ruleml.xsd) accompanying the
    current version of the SWRL proposal is not fully compatible with
    RuleML (http://www.ruleml.org/0.86).  Namely, rule labels in
    the SWRL proposal require empty content with an href value:
     <xsd:element name="_rlab">
         <xsd:attribute name="href" type="ruleml:RuleName" use="required" />
     <xsd:simpleType name="RuleName">
       <xsd:restriction base="xsd:anyURI" />
    or more abstractly (from Section 5):
       ruleml:href = xsd:anyURI (required)
       Content: ( )
    This use of the href attribute is different from RuleML's "webizing" use.
    In RuleML the _rlab element does not allow an href attribute,
    but rather contains an ind(ividual).  Allowing so-called "foreign"
    individuals is still preferable to shifting them from element content to
    attribute value.
    For _rlab's, it would be desirable to use an OWL instance (Individual)
    e.g. from http://www.daml.org/rules/proposal/swrlx.xsd,
     <xsd:element name="Ontology">
         <!-- Instances -->
         <xsd:element ref="owlx:Individual" />
    together with webizing via the "name" attribute of OWL's Individual
    (from http://www.w3.org/TR/owl-xmlsyntax/#owls_Individual):
       name = xsd:anyURI
       Content: (Annotation*, (type | DataPropertyValue | 
    ObjectPropertyValue)* )
    Using these defintions, we can now use rule labels as the content of the 
    element instead of as an href attribute value.  The _rlab element 
    would simply be as follows in the proposal's ruleml.xsd:
     <xsd:element name="_rlab">
           <xsd:element ref="owlx:Individual" />
    David and Harold

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