My notes from today's JC telecon

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Date: 02/24/04

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    Hi everyone,
    Attached (text doc), please find my notes from today's telecon.
    JC TELECON: Tuesday, February 24, 2004.
    Regrets: Ian, Deb
    Harold: A new use case with over 2000 facts for a regional business
    rules analysis application in New Brunswick (NRC Semantic Web Lab)
    ToDo: Harold will send us the link
    Glen Newton of NRC sent the updated proposal to Vivien (W3) today.
    Notes related to the discussion on SWRL Built-Ins.
    The document has been updated by Said and Mike (latest update in CVS).
    Section 8.7
    [Sandro]: suggets to remove the distinction (functions/operators).
    head and tail (link to OWL or better to RDF)
    [Pat] Why not use RDF instead of having a complete new system?
    [Pat] Counter argument: OWL-to-RDF embedding uses lists in a
    particular way. It could be problematic if SWRL uses it differently
    All agree.
    [All] remove first and rest from the actual list
    Section 8.8
    Move it to the issues list document. Same for Section 8.9
    [Mike] Sent an email about constructors and accessors. No comments
    yet. Said agrees with Mike's proposal
    Section 8.5
    [Pat] Questioning the list and some of the operators. Suggested to
    look into Mac OS and its use of calendaring conventions. Pat will send
    a link and Said will look into incorporating such conventions.
    [Mike] simplifying the built-ins list with overloading some of them:
    instead of having numeric equals, date equals, string equals,
    etc...let's have just equals, lessthan, greaterthan, etc.
    [Said] the overloading follows OO conventions and simplifies things.
    [Pat and Sandro] Need to be clear about what to expect as returned
    values. Example: "3 lessthan a". System needs to generate an error
    for mismatch.
    [Pat]: a logical way to think of the overloading is as a statement of
    identity and query.
    [] what does the implementation of the built-in deliver?
    [Pat,Mike] A type mismatch rather than just True or False.
    [All] the system will be required to check for illegal overloading.
    Section 8.1
    [Sandro] suggest to Add type predicate
    [Said] yes agreed
    [Pat] We should consider looking at RDF data types. Why not take
    advantage? No need for a new datatype handling.
    [Mike]both SWRL datatype and RDF datatype refer to XML schema Part II
    [Pat] connection to RDF?
    [Sandro] use of URIs
    [Mike] but also the knowledge base (match against RDF data)
    [Pat] Data types: why not just use XQuery why 'swrlo' namespace?
    [Mike] XQuery does not provide a namespace. Also, issue with
    function/operator name conventions.
    [Pat] string diff. Should we keep it?
    [Benjamin] encourage people to use it.
    [Pat] may be an issue with implementors...
    [Sandro] it is underspecified. 
    [Said] We can make it optional
    [All] suggest to move this to the extensions list (in issues list
    document along with 8.8 and 8.9)
    [All] Need to clarify the list and distinguish between primitive and
    derived builtins.
    [Benjamin]Should discuss this. Could be an issue for forward reasoning
    [Pat] general comment. Issues viewing the documents with some fonts.
    [Pat] Math operators...need to clarify and be more specific with the
    dro, Pat] How about unary plus? 
    [All] hesitating to keep or remove. Finally decided to keep it
    in. Doesn't impl required.
    [Sandro] in the heading provide an explanation about the mapping. 
    [All] agreed
    Action Items:
    Said and Mike will make the changes and update the document. Pat will
    help with section 8.1

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