Re: notes from today's JC telecon 12/2/03

From: Graham Klyne ([email protected])
Date: 12/03/03

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    At 17:31 02/12/03 -0500, Benjamin Grosof wrote:
    >relevant paper to read for next week:
    >paper by Ian Horrocks et al on datatype groups
    >from ISWC-2003, is on Ian's webpage
    FWIW, I've implemented two approaches to incorporating datatypes into RDF 
    inference processes.  The software is not yet documented or released (but 
    will be soon, I hope).  Some notes are at [1].
    - one is based on ideas from Ian's paper.  All test cases from [1] have 
    been passed (except that I take a different approach to cardinality 
    - the other is based on adding a "variable binding modifier" to 
    conventional Horn-like rule.
    So far, my intuition is that Ian's GeneralRestriction class approach 
    integrates more smoothly with general RDF -- the datatypes can be built 
    into the software, and accessed/used within the RDF syntactic 
    framework.  I've yet to see how this plays out in a real application.
    Graham Klyne
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