notes from 11/11/03 JC telecon on Rules and preparing W3 Note

From: Benjamin Grosof ([email protected])
Date: 11/12/03

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    % notes from JC telecon 11/11/03
    % by Benjamin Grosof
    Mike Dean
    Benjamin Grosof
    Sandro Hawke
    Said Tabet
    Peter Patel-Schneider (first part)
    Ian Horrocks
    Harold Boley
    o variable naming:  string/literal vs. a local URI
    currently in RuleML syntax is a string/literal,
    we can keep that in the short term for the XML version
    disadvantage in RDF view:  don't want to declare a literal
    to be a variable for the entire Web universe
    local URI is local to a document, e.g., rulebase
    Harold:  can view it as defining a separate alphabet of variable names,
    local to a document
    this requires a change to the working draft of the OWL RuleML document
    o other edits on the document
    (missed recording some low-level, of which nothing was dramatic)
    link near end sect ?2
    numbering of examples
    want stable W3C namespaces,
    e.g., for RDF version and for non-RDF XML version
    e.g., Nr:  and Nx:   where N is, say, owlruleml,
    or (Harold) swr;
    Sandro:  propose swrl and swrlx, pronounced "Swirl"
    Sandro is finding out what the W3C process is for getting a namespace
    ruleml:_head and ruleml:_body in the non-RDF XML encoding
    but change the RDF encoding to use the RDF convention of capitalization:
    Harold will do the changes
    we should beef up add to the intro an explanation of
    that it's come from OWL and RuleML, mention DAML more including
    as funder;
    also in collaboration with RuleML and with input from SWSI
    and ack's to Sandro and others -- in particular Sandro and Pat
    - action:  Ian will tackle doing drafting
    authorship (see below)
    title, and name of language (see below)
    o authorship
    adding Benjamin Grosof and Michael Dean
    remove authorship by section
    add affiliations, make links to home pages not email addresses
    Said will do the updates
    o name of the overall Rules proposal, and title of document
    Ian:  "OWL RuleML" is a bit of a mouthful; no big axe to grind for "OWL Rules";
    of course, when there's a Working Group formed
    Said: thanks to Sandro for calling the W3C Working Group draft
    "Semantic Web Rules"
    Harold:  don't like "Lite"
    Benj:  saying both RuleML and OWL gets across that it's a merge and
    a joining forces
    Ian:  if "M" is for Meta, is a bit misleading
    Harold and Benj:  in RuleML latest thinking (e.g., last Steering
    Committee of RuleML Initiative), the "M" is for "Modeling", it never was
    "Meta" but rather "Markup"
    Benj:  can view OWL RuleML as one point in the RuleML family, IF do think of
    RuleML as a family of languages
    Sandro:  suggest as name:
       Semantic Web Rules Language, acronym SWRL pronounced "Swirl"
    rest:  we like that!!
    we could call it something like:
    OWL RuleML:
    SWRL:  A Proposal for a Semantic Web Rules Language
    Combining OWL plus RuleML:  A Proposal for a Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL)
    "A Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL):  Combining OWL and RuleML" as title
    - ***"SWRL:  A Semantic Web Rule Language Combining OWL and RuleML"
    - we will use swrl and swrlx as namespaces
    - SWRL as an acronym, pronounce as "Swirl"
    Benj:  fits nicely in with SWSI ("Swizzie") and SWSL ("Swizzle")
    Benj:  we'll soon have the Swirl'd Wide Web :-)
    wrt naming conflicts:  Google search yields nothing uncomfortably
    close, there's a in storm water resource management
    we'll look into getting domain name which is currently taken
    - action:  Said and Sandro doing this
    o doing the W3C Note on SWRL
    Sponsors will be MIT (Benj), NRC (Harold), Network Inference (Ian)
    Sandro:  refer to it in interim as submitted not as an actual Note til
    it's accepted which takes about a month
    o plans for OWL-QL
    it's pretty relevant to the push for a RDF Query WG
    let's turn it into a note soon, then revisit it technically in light of
    the SWRL proposal, and do a revision on it then
    o (some discussion of the charter issues on Rules and also related
    aspect of Query charter -- see recent and future postings to the
    www-rdf-rules list for people's views)
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