notes from 10/14/03 JC telecon on OWL Rules and prep for DAML PI Meeting

From: Benjamin Grosof ([email protected])
Date: 10/14/03

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    % notes from JC telecon 10/14/03
    % by Benjamin Grosof
    - Benjamin
    - Mike
    - Said
    - Peter
    - Harold
    - Sandro
    agenda:  warning label; prep for DAML PI Mtg
    meeting chaired by Benjamin Grosof then Mike Dean too
    o warning label:
    Peter:  would like to have a roughly 2-paragraph version,
    less would be more at this stage of the game
    Peter Q:
    not clear why separate from other
    Mike A:  easier to make and use tools, near-term pragmatics
    some ontology knowledge can be specified within rules
    depends some whether one comes to it from rules-centric vs. OWL-centric
    consensus:  for this version, let's have a short warning label,
    one or two paragraphs, with pointer to longer version
    consensus:  content of short version warning label:
    you may want to restrict to use named classes,
    with classes defined purely in OWL,
    for sake of interoperability with other rule systems
    of CCI type, and/or for sake of maximizing reuse of
    ontology knowledge with other OWL-speaking systems
    that do not necessarily support OWL Rules
    also may want to restrict expressiveness used
    in the class definitions, for those and/or for
    other reasons, particularly in the heads of rules,
    e.g., for sake of computational efficiency
    and/or for sake of extensibility to particular nonmonotonic and
    procedural attachments of the CCI types or SCLP RuleML
    pointer to longer version
    action plan:
    Benj to draft next version of the above, and send to JC
    - then others can comment to the JC if they have tweak-type edits
    mechanics of getting it into the web posted draft
    - Ian, with assistance from Peter, to do the posting on
    the website
    o other issues wrt prep for DAML PI Mtg:
    agenda items for DAML PI Meeting:
    (went over the schedule)
    Mike and Benj and consensus:
    naming of the rules language:  will be discussed at the DAML PI Mtg
    Lite subset of OWL Rules,
    defining that and converging that with a Lite subset of RuleML
    Harold and Said:
    our DAML PI Mtg presentation will be called RuleML Rules Lite
    consensus:  it's important to explain at the DAML PI Mtg, and for
    readers of JC archives, the relationship that OWL Rules has to
    the earlier concept and design discussions on "Rules Lite" in JC and
    DAML Rules efforts
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