Re: who holds copyright on DAML+OIL?

From: Jim Hendler ([email protected])
Date: 08/16/01

At 8:50 AM -0700 8/16/01, Deborah McGuinness wrote:
>i do not have a problem granting copyright but do have a question - i
>would like to be free to publish papers on daml+oil and grant copyright
>of the papers that i might publish as a publisher requests.
>I presume that would be true of everyone on the contributing list.
>can we make whatever we need to sign explicitly allow us to publish
>papers on the daml+oil work and be free to grant copyright of those
>papers as publishers require?
>Mike Dean wrote:
>>  > Who holds copyright on DAML+OIL?
>>  >
>>  My guess is that there's no single legal entity (given that
>>  the Joint Committee isn't a legal entity).
>>  DARPA contracts normally give "commercial rights" (i.e.  use
>>  other than by the U.S. Government) to the contractor.  Peter
>>  and the E.U. participants aren't covered by DARPA anyway.
>>  > I may need something in writing from each of those folks
>>  > releasing copyright or granting W3C rights to create
>>  > derivative works or something, in order to use DAML+OIL
>>  > as the basis of W3C work.
>>  I expect that's the likely path.  Is there anyone who would
>>  be unwilling or unable to provide such a statement?
>>  If it isn't resolved beforehand, I'll add this to the agenda
>>  for Tuesday.
>  >         Mike

It has been suggested that we submit DAML+OIL to the W3C as a working 
note (details when I have them) -- as I understand the rules, the W3C 
would then be able to create derivative works, as would we all - thus 
solving Deb's problem.
  If you tried to pass the whole of DAML+OIL spec or any of the 
documents to a publisher, I suspect none of us would be happy with 
them getting the copyright.  If piece of D+O appears in a larger 
context, then the article could be copyrighted, but it wouldn't be a 
transitive relationship.
  This is my personal opinion based on experience, not a govt ruling 
or any such.
  The official thing I will say is that the US Govt cannot own a 
copyright, and things I write in my govt capacity (like D+O stuff) 
cannot be stuff I own a copyright on...

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