Re: Coordination with RDF Core

From: Dan Brickley ([email protected])
Date: 07/09/01

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Frank van Harmelen wrote:

> pat hayes wrote:
> > I would like to see the 'URI' point retained in the document. The
> > more the coreWG gets its node rubbed in this issue, the better :-)
> The URI point from Peter's notes stated:
> >  - what is a URI? - syntax and semantics
> URI syntax is specified in by Tim et al.
> so I don't really see the substance of that part of the complaint.
> (The RFC describes the syntax that is common to all URI schemes,
> and the scheme-specific details of the syntax are/should be specified 
> in other places, seems reasonable to me).
> Concering semantics, the same document says:
> "A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is a compact string of characters
>    for identifying an abstract or physical resource."
> I've always understood that URI's are simply globally unique names,
> (which I think is pretty much what Tim's RFC says). In terms of our model-theoretic semantics, are URI's not simply the elements of AD, and that's it? 

That's the basic idea. However there are some remaining areas of debate
surrounding URIs. For example: can the same URI string name a different
resource at different times? Can it (sometimes) fail to refer, etc. These aren't
RDF Core's particular problem, but they're the sort of question that RDF
implementors raise. 


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