From: Frank van Harmelen ([email protected])
Date: 04/24/01

Dear joint-everybody (Cc Tim Finin),

A while ago we briefly talked about the relation (if any) between DAML+OIL and whatever FIPA might define as their recommended ontology language. 

Things have been moving on the FIPA side. Attached is a document that proposes a plan for the FIPA work on ontologies. 

I was pleased to see that they take DAML+OIL seriously, and regard the language as a significant input to their own work. This will no doubt be related to the fact that Tim Finin (member of the DAML programme at Maryland) is one of the co-authors of the document.

I suggest that we ask Tim to be a liason between the FIPA activities and DAML+OIL. 


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