literals and equality

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider ([email protected])
Date: 02/21/01

On the call yesterday, someone was mentioning that literals at least had
equality, i.e., that if you saw the same ``string'' twice then they were
equal.  This isn't true, at least in some interpretations of literals.

Consider the current proposal.  Here a literal is embedded in a larger
structure, and the larger structures are definitely not equal.  For example
<xsd:decimal rdf:value="10.0"/> and <xsd:float rdf:value="10.0"/> are not

Consider the previous proposal.  There literals were not embedded in larger
structures, but were instead held in a sort of limbo until their type was
known.  The end result of this process was that two literals with the same
string representation could end up as different values.

What lesson can be learned from this?  Well, perhaps either literals are
very strange or the treatment of them is very strange.


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