Re: daml+oil

From: Mike Dean ([email protected])
Date: 01/26/01

> Dany King has pointed out a couple of typos in daml+oil.daml that I
> have now fixed: the amended version is at:
>      htttp://

Now available at [1].

> He also made some very reasonable comments about the various "wrapper"
> components of the specification. I would appreciate your comments. We
> might also want to discuss this next week.

I'll plan to put it on the agenda, particularly since I'm
meeting with Dany and other DRC folks on Wednesday.  I'll
also try to formulate initial responses to his points.

> It also occurred to me that we have the full url for rdf and rdfs in
> several places in the spec, and that it would surely be much more
> sensible to use name space prefixes so that we only need to make one
> change to the spec in the event that these urls change.

Agreed.  Will namespace prefixes work?  (I've never been
quite sure about their use within XML attribute values).  A
safer but less attractive alternative would be to define
entities &rdf; and &rdfs;.

Thanks!  I hope you don't mind if I cc this to the



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