CFP: Policy Management for Web (PM4W) deadline extended to 14 Feb

From: Tim Finin ([email protected])
Date: 02/03/05

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                          A WWW2005 Workshop
             14th International World Wide Web Conference
                  Tuesday 10 May 2005, Chiba, Japan
                   EXTENDED DEADLINE : 14 Feb 2005
    Due to numerous requests and competing deadlines for the NSF
    Cybertrust program we are extending the deadline for paper
    submissions to February 14th.  The new schedule is as
       14 February 2005      Submitted papers due (midnight GMT -5)
       28 March 2005         Decisions announced
       20 April 2005         Camera ready papers due
       10 May 2005           Workshop
    In order to realize the full potential of the World Wide Web
    as an open, dynamic, and distributed ``universe of
    network-accessible information'', it is important for web
    entities to behave appropriately. Policy management provides
    the openness, flexibility, and autonomy required to regulate
    this environment as entities can reason over their own
    policies and the policies of other entities to decide how to
    behave. Using policies allows entities to specify expected
    behavior of entities they interact with. Entities can also
    adapt to increasingly complex requirements without the need
    for substantial changes to the structure or implementation
    through the use of policies.
    Policy management includes policy specification, deployment,
    reasoning over policies, updating and maintaining policies,
    and enforcement. We propose that policy management is
    required for the web for (i) constraining different kinds of
    behavior including security, privacy, conversation, and
    collaboration, (ii) configuration management, (iii)
    describing business processes, and (iv) establishing trust
    and reputation.
    TOPICS OF INTEREST INCLUDE: policy specification,
    implementation, and enforcement; dynamic merging of
    policies; static and dynamic conflict resolution; dynamic
    policy modification; formal models for policy verification;
    relationship of trust and reputation to policies; business
    contracts and rules; case studies for policy management;
    applicability of XML, RDF and OWL for policy specification;
    obligation management; policies for access control, privacy,
    and collaboration; decidability and tractability issues;
    digital rights management policies; policy engineering;
    enhancing P3P with policies; and user-oriented policy
    authoring systems.
    VENUE. The PM4W workshop will be held as part of WWW2005 in
    Chiba, Japan at Nippon Convention Center (or better known as
    Makuhari Messe). Makuhari Messe is conveniently located
    halfway between central Tokyo and the New Tokyo
    International Airport (Narita Airport). From the airport, it
    can be reached by bus or car in 30 minutes. Tokyo station is
    also only 30 minutes away by train (the JR Keiyo Line).
    TYPES OF PAPERS. We seek two kinds of papers: research
    papers that report on the results of original research and
    short papers that articulate a position, describe an
    application or demonstrate a working language or
    system. Both research papers and short papers will be
    included in the workshop proceedings.  Research papers
    should describe original research not published elsewhere
    and should not exceed eight pages in length. Short papers
    are expected to be four to six pages. Short position papers
    should provide insight into the requirements for, or
    challenges of, developing or applying policies for web-based
    information systems. Short application papers should
    describe an implemented novel use of policies in a web-based
    environment.  Short demonstration papers should document a
    implemented system or language that uses policies. Each
    submission should indicate the type of paper being
    submitted: research, position, application or demonstration.
    SUBMISSION DETAILS.  Papers should be submitted
    electronically by the 14th February 2005. See for information on
    formatting and submitting your paper.
    DEADLINES.  Papers must me submitted electronically by
    midnight (US eastern time zone, i.e., gmt-5) on 14th
    February, 2005. Notification of the reviewing results will
    be made on 28th March, 2005. Final camera-ready versions of
    accepted documents must be provided electronically on 20th
    April, 2005.
    PROGRAM.  PM4W will be a one day workshop consisting of
    invited talk(s), presentations of submitted papers, and
    (probably) a panel as well as time for discussion.
    WORKSHOP CO-CHAIRS: Tim Finin (UMBC), Jim Hendler (UMCP),
    Lalana Kagal (MIT)
    PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Anne Anderson (Sun Microsystems), Vijay
    Atluri (Rutgers University), Elisa Bertino (Purdue
    University), Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (IHMC), Dan Connolly (W3C),
    Naranker Dulay (Imperial College), Tim Finin (UMBC), Jim
    Hendler (UMCP), Maryann Hondo (IBM), Benjamin Grosof (MIT),
    Anupam Joshi (UMBC), Lalana Kagal (MIT), Jonathan Moffett
    (University of York), Wolfgang Nejdl (L3S and University of
    Hannover), Bijan Parsia (UMCP), Filip Perich (Cougaar
    Software), Stefan Poslad (Queen Mary University of London),
    Eric Prud'hommeaux (W3C), Kent Seamons (BYU), Norman Sadeh
    (CMU), Akhil Sahai (HP Labs), Marek Sergot (Imperial
    College), Katia Sycara (CMU), Dinesh Verma (IBM TJ Watson),
    William Winsborough (GMU), Marianne Winslett (UIUC).
    FOR MORE INFORMATION, send email to pm4w at or
    contact one of the workshop chairs.

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