DAML PI Meeting Breakout Session on DAML and agents

From: finin ([email protected])
Date: 10/13/02

In preparation for the breakout session on DAML and agents,
I would like to identify topics and issues that people are
interested in.  Here are some sample topics and issues
that come to mind.  

  - What kinds of agent frameworks are people using with DAML?
    How has it been used in these frameworks.
  - What's been your experiencing in incorporating DAML into
    your agent systems -- is it just a retooling to use a new
    representation language or has it opened new doors.
  - How should daml fit into existing agent infrastructures,
    such as the DARPA Grid, FIPA, Cougaar, OAA, etc.
  - Are there some important common ontologies that could be
    developed to better support agent-based systems, e.g., 
    ontologies for agents and their properties, speech acts, 
    user models, policy rules, etc.
  - How well does DAML-S fulfill the needs for service
    description and discovery in existing agent frameworks
    (e.g., in the FIPA directory facilitator, Retsina, OAA).
  - Are their any tools that people have developed or would
    like that can help in using DAML in agent-based systems
    (e.g., DAML to KIF/SL translators)
  - Is anyone using DAML with mobile agents?  How?
  - Is anyone using DAML with Intelligent Interface agents? How?

If you have comments or additional suggestions, please
send them to me.


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