DAML-ONT Initial Release

This directory contains the initial version of the DAML Ontology language specification, released in October 2000. It was replaced by DAML+OIL.

First-time readers are advised to review documents in the following order:

  1. announcement
  2. walkthru
  3. spec
  4. example
  5. DAML-ONT and OIL
  6. other documents

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The documents in this collection reflect the contributions of a large number of people and projects.

Lynn Andrea Stein, Dan Connolly, Deborah McGuinness, editors,

Key contributors include:

Tim Berners-Lee
Frank van Harmelen
Ian Horrocks
Dan Brickley
Mike Dean
Stefan Decker
Richard Fikes
Pat Hayes
Jeff Heflin
Drew McDermott
Ralph R. Swick