RE: Joint Committee telecon tomorrow 26 July -- SWRL RuleML

From: David Z. Hirtle (
Date: 07/26/05

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    > SWRL update to latest RuleML (Harold, et al)
    SWRL RuleML ( was built on top of
    RuleML version 0.86. Meanwhile the RuleML spec is in version 0.89.
    There is a chain of XSLT-based upgraders for rulebases in
    version 0.85 to rulebases in version 0.89. These upgraders
    currently don't take into account the mixed namespaces used
    in SWRL RuleML, but this should not be a big problem: revised
    upgraders could 'copy through' all OWL parts.
    SWRL RuleML's "Foreign"/"External" Atoms, which represent OWL
    properties, have not been affected throughout the new RuleML spec
    versions. So, it should be relatively easy to perform the upgrade
    of SWRL RuleML to the latest XML Schema spec of RuleML. However,
    due to previously scheduled work, we cannot promise a delivery date.
    But perhaps someone from outside UNB/NRC would like to work with
    us on updating the XML Schema?
    -- David Hirtle and Harold Boley

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