RE: Joint Committee telecon tomorrow 7 December

From: Boley, Harold (
Date: 12/12/04

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    Peter wrote here:
    > I proposed three possibilities for my SWRL FOL document:
    > 2/ With the stuff on nary and functions in an appendix.
    > My prefernce is the second option above and to that end I have put a
    > version of such a modification of the document at the usual place,
    I agree.
    Peter wrote there:
    > A.2 XML Syntax
    > The XML syntax for SWRL FOL can be extended to encompass these constructs,
    > using the method for slotted arguments in RuleML [???]. 
    N-ary relations with named arguments can be expressed in FOL RuleML
    with Slots.
    Peter's Abstract Syntax sample formula with an n-ary relationship is
    forall( I-variable(ex:x ex:FantasyNovel)
          Purchase(buyer=ex:peter seller=ex:amazon object=ex:x
    Here is its XML Syntax in Slotted FOL RuleML (with two XML attributes:
    type for webized classes and wid and for webized individuals):
      <Var type="ex:FantasyNovel">x</Var>
          <Ind wid="ex:peter"/>
          <Ind wid="ex:amazon"/>
          <Ind type="xsd:int">1</Ind>
    -- Harold

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