markup tagnames for negation: consensus formulation and notes from RuleML SC telecon 10/28/04

From: Benjamin Grosof (
Date: 10/28/04

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    % notes on negation from RuleML telecon 10/28/04
    % by Benjamin Grosof
    The choice of element name for negation was discussed for
    about 10 minutes on today's 10/28/04
    RuleML Steering Committee telecon.
    participants today:
    Harold Boley (chairing)
    Said Tabet
    Gerd Wagner
    Michael Kifer
    Benjamin Grosof
    Agenda for that portion of the telecon:  [by Harold Boley]
    Naming Issue: neg or not
    Peter's partial notes Re: neg or not in SWRL FOL RuleML:
    "1/ Pat mentioned that neg is not very standard wrt FOL.  There was some
    discussion on whether to change back, Pat and Peter are among the not
    group.  The consensus was to mull this over for a week."
    In RuleML we decided ca. 2 years ago to have this taxonomy:
    not (neutral, NL-oriented)
       neg (strong, technical)
       naf (nonmon, technical)
    This was also reflected in:
    In the SC we decided mid-Sep to go with neg (for classical-strong), as
    mentioned in my editing suggestions to Peter (which he implemented).
    Yesterday, Pat stirred up this discussion.
    Consensus was reached.
    The group requested Benjamin to write up his formulation of that
    consensus and send to both the Joint Committee and RuleML-SC
    mailing lists.  Here it is:
    In markup tags:
       neg   stands for classical negation in FOL, strong negation in LP
       naf   stands for negation-as-failure, a.k.a. weak negation and
                                                                default negation
    Often in a given tool-specific rule/KB editors' presentation
    syntax/view, however, one could without ambiguity use "not" for negation,
    because only one form of negation would be available.
    E.g., in a a normal-LP editor or a FOL-formula editor.
    People felt pretty strongly that this was the right way to go.
    RuleML supports both LP and FOL KR's and their communities of
    users.  Each community uses "not" to mean negation in both presentation
    syntax (e.g., Prolog's, KIF) and in natural language.
    There is thus a need to disambiguate syntactically, by using distinct
    markup element tagnames other than "not", for several reasons:
    1. It reduces chances of confusion by implementers/developers and users.
    Remember, users will tend not to see actual markup, but it's helpful to force
    implementers/developers to think about which form/semantics of negation
    is at hand.
    2. It is essential in extensions of LP, such as Courteous LP, that
    employ both negation-as-failure and classical negation.
    3. It's generally the clean way to do things.  We want to avoid having
    two semantically similar but different expressive constructs being
    named the same thing within the RuleML family of sublanguages.
    4. It clarifies the semantics of merging KB's.
    Using technical names in the markup, rather than the familiar
    natural language term "not", forces implementers/developers
    -- who are the main people dealing directly with markup rather than users
    -- to think about which form/semantics of negation is at hand.
    Prof. Benjamin Grosof
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