notes from today's 10/12/04 JC telecon on SWRL-FOL and FOL-RuleML

From: Benjamin Grosof (
Date: 10/12/04

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    % notes from JC telecon 10/14/04
    % by Benjamin Grosof
    NB:  these are only *partial* notes; need integrating with notes taken by
    Mike Dean.
    Mike Dean
    Harold Boley
    Peter Patel-Schneider
    Ian Horrocks
    Benjamin Grosof
    o SWRL-FOL and FOL-RuleML relationships and documents planning
    (the following summarizes a lot of discussion)
    we need to have and tell a clear story on how the SWRL-FOL flavor of
    semantics for datatyping (inherited from OWL and SWRL)
    relates to the vanilla flavor (untyped, unsorted) employed in
    RuleML (currently, including FOL RuleML) and in most formulations of FOL
    - overall sorted/typed FOL can be embedded/simulated in vanilla FOL
         . we need to dig up a reference about this
             o Ian volunteers to try to dig one up
                    -- he will check his email archive
    - the signature of every predicate and (0-ary) function is strongly sorted
    into either object sort (i-) or datatyped sort (d-)
    - each datatype (e.g., string, integer, etc.) has a fixed extension
    - every datatype-sort individual constant (0-ary function)
         belongs to zero or more particular datatypes -- often one or more
         particular types
         by virtue of how that individual constant was formed syntactically --
         and thus model-theoretically to each of those type's extensions
         [[Peter:  please check this -- hope I got it right]]
    we should have the above story written up crisply in approx. a couple of
    paragraphs, and say it in the SWRL-FOL document, the FOL-RuleML document,
    and it would be helpful also to have it the next (V0.7) version of SWRL
    document too
       - Peter volunteers to draft this story, may pull in Ian and Pat H.
    we may also want a fourth "overview" document that points at the above three
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