TODO/issue for FOL RuleML + SWRL semantics: data type value semantics

From: Benjamin Grosof (bgrosof@MIT.EDU)
Date: 09/28/04

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    Here is a note from our discussion on today's joint committee telecon.
    Mike Dean
    Harold Boley
    Benjamin Grosof
    Issue to investigate:  FOL RuleML/SWRL model theory for data type valued 
    properties/triples/variables/etc. -- can/should we view there being an 
    implicit ctor associated with the datatype? i.e, because the datatype has 
    an associated distinct (sub-)universe in the model-theoretic sense.
    - need to look at the RDF semantics document about this
    - SWRL doc current version has a kind of hand wave about this
    - our FOL RuleML doc immediate version can emulate the hand wave
    - but we should flag the issue for future attention and so users are 
    alerted not to naively implement by just grabbing what's between the double 
    quotes and sticking that in a single unsorted overall datatype as is 
    typical in many rule/FOL systems.
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