Re: XML syntax for SWRL

From: Sandro Hawke (
Date: 06/25/04

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    > >This might be a good reason in some cases, but I don't see how it helps at
    > >all for names of variables.
    > I don't think variable names is one of the places where it's most crucial 
    > to be extensible.
    > I was addressing the general point.  That said...
    > Wrt names, more generally (e.g., predicate names), suppose one decided 
    > later to have multiple parts/aspects to the name,
    > e.g., an additional prefix name cf. namespaces or Prolog modules, or local 
    > name and global name, etc.
    > It's easy to make a name an element (instead of an attribute) in the 
    > design, so why not;
    > to do so preserves flexibility at little or no cost.
    > As go names in general, why not be uniform in the design and treat variable 
    > names in a similar fashion.
    Another reason I've heard is to allow language markup, eg to support
    screen readers.  The variable name "channel" would be pronounced by
    text-to-speech software quite differently if language-tagged "fr" vs
    It seems far-fetched to me to imagine this mattering very much for
    SWRL [wouldn't you want the names pronouned in your language anyway,
    or something?], but it is a non-dart reason I've heard.
          -- sandro

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