rather drafty draft of SCL 1.0

From: Pat Hayes (phayes@ihmc.us)
Date: 06/07/04

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    Attached is a rather sketchy and not fully complete version of the 
    SCL 1.0 spec.  The XML syntax part is not yet included here, and 
    there will be sections describing mappings from RDF/OWL/SWRL into SCL 
    (actually, technically, defining these as SCL dialects) coming along 
    over the next 2 weeks or so. The actual language is pretty stable at 
    this point, however.
    I had meant to put this up on my web page but a local system glitch 
    makes it inaccessible, so y'all are getting the whole HTML attached, 
    sorry.  Hopefully this will be fixed soon (tomorrow) and the latest 
    version of the document will then be accessible at
    Please do NOT use this URL until I email you that it works. Right now 
    this URL gets you a piece of junk.
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