Joint Committee telecon today 4 May

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 05/04/04

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    We'll have our weekly telecon today (May 4) from 4-5pm EDT, 1-2pm PDT, and
    corresponding times in other locations.
    The dial-in numbers are
      U.S.:  866-779-0773
      outside U.S.:  +1-334-309-0262
      After dialing, enter *6190862* (including stars)
      If you're asked, the chairperson is Mike Dean
    A parallel logged IRC session will be available on the #joint-committee
    channel at (see for the server
    Below is a draft agenda; additions are welcome.
    agenda updates/additions
    minutes deferred
    SWRL 0.6 [1] (Mike, et al - 20 min)
      optional <ruleml:_rlab ruleml:href="#ruleName"/>
      built-in examples:  unit conversion, discount
      draft announcement [2]
    WWW2004 Developer Day rules track [3] (Benjamin, et al - 10 min)
    proposed PI Meeting outline (Mike, et al - 20 min)
      SWRL 0.5
      SWRL 0.6
      WWW2004 Developer Day Rules Track
      Tools for Rules
      Related Work:  Jena 2, SCL, Yale, CMU
      Next Steps
        focus on implementations, use cases, and examples
        potential parallel efforts
          alternative syntaxes
          Negation As Failure
    next week

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