RE: datatype comparisons and arithmetic conversions

Date: 01/06/04

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    Hi Mike and all, see my comments below.
    > > Said:  what's the current status of the list of
    > > arithmetic/comparison/string/list built-ins you (plus I and Harold) have
    > > been working on?
    > > That included stuff drawn from looking at other systems/standards (like
    > > Prolog and Jess) as well as from XML-Schema / XQuery.
    > > I think you're the maintainer of that list/document.
    > Assuming folks are still happy with swrlx:operationAtom this week, I think
    > next week would be a good time to revisit this list.
    I agree with Mike and suggest to present the list of built-ins that we worked on next week.
    > > Most importantly:  is there any stuff there we should include that's not
    > > in
    > > the XML-Schema / XQuery set of stuff?
    > I think we'll probably want to add a few more operators to [1] like
    > numeric-greater-than-or-equal, numeric-less-than-or-equal, and
    > numeric-not-equal based on numeric-equal, numeric-less-than, and
    > numeric-greater-than.
    These are mostly covered in the list mentioned above.
    > Also, [1] uses fn:compare for strings (to accommodate an optional collation
    > argument) which returns <0, 0, or >0.  Using this would require 2
    > swrlx:operatorAtoms.  I think we may want to introduce string-equal,
    > string-less-than, etc. as easier-to-use forms.
    I agree
    > 	Mike
    > [1]

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