RE: what is a rule?

From: pat hayes (
Date: 03/11/03

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    >  > BTW, there is no such thing as a 'KIF rule', as far as I know. KIF
    >>  can express implications, of course, but it is misleading to call
    >>  these 'rules'.
    >KIF makes a distinction between implications and rules: the
    >symbol "<<=" is used for rules, while "<=" is used for
    Yes, you are right. I had forgotten this, as the KIF group later (the 
    document you cite is dated 1994) decided that these rules had no 
    justifiable semantics, so they were purged from the language which 
    was proposed as an ANSI standard, and more recently as an ISO 
    standard. As far as I know, neither these nor the 'definition' syntax 
    now have any support in the KIF community.
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