DQL update, etc.

From: Mike Dean (mdean@bbn.com)
Date: 03/10/03

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    Several questions related to DQL:
    During the query discussions at the W3C meetings last week
    in Boston, I realized that we never officially published an
    updated DQL [1] specification addressing the feedback
    (answer templates, etc.) from the October DAML PI Meeting.
    Should we try to publish an update before the April PI
    A use case also came up that I don't believe DQL can clearly
    cover.  Suppose we have a knowledge base containing contact
    information (name, phone, emailAddress, etc.) for
    individuals.  A given individual may or may not have an
    instantMessageAddress.  Can we write a single DQL query that
    retrieves name, email, and the instantMessageAddress only if
    present?  Does this require some mechanism for indicating
    that a statement is optional, or can it just be handled
    using a may-bind variable for the object of the
    instantMessageAddress statement?
    There appears to be significant interest in forming some
    sort of W3C Semantic Web Query Working Group.  Should we try
    to publish DQL as a W3C Note that can be more easily used as
    an input to such a group?  It would probably be best if such
    a note included a concrete syntax.
    [1] http://www.daml.org/dql/

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