request for feedback on domain and range semantics.

From: pat hayes (
Date: 10/25/02

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    I am hereby seeking feedback in order to help me make a decision. As 
    editor of the RDF MT document, I have discretion to decide whether 
    rdfs:range and rdfs:domain should have 'IF' or "IFF" semantics.  What 
    turns on this, in case anyone hasn't been following, is whether 
    ('iff') or not ('if') the following inference should be considered 
    P rdfs:range A .
    A rdfs:subClassOf B .
    P rdfs:range B .
    I have argued for the utility of disallowing this entailment, and 
    several people have agreed; but there also seems to be a widespread 
    feeling that the entailment is intuitively 'reasonable'. Moreover, 
    several people have noted a preference for having a uniform rule one 
    way or the other, and I think it is essential that we give subClassOf 
    and subPropertyOf an 'iff' semantics. On the other hand, the 'if' 
    alternative makes life a little easier for inference engines.
    So far, all the arguments I have heard, including my own, are 
    basically aesthetic. My request is, does anyone have a "can't live 
    with" technical objection to either alternative? If so please send me 
    an email in the next few days.  Thanks.
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