Re: Postscript on Today's DQL Discussion

From: Lassila Ora (NRC/Boston) (
Date: 06/28/02

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    pat hayes <> wrote:
    > I guess that I think that the idea of 'selecting' a KB and then 'using' it is
    > a slightly old-fashioned metaphor these days. Its more like: there is
    > information out there, and you try to use whatever sources you can find,
    > provided you trust them enough. What you can find might be changing all the
    > time, and if you have some deductive smarts maybe you can put things together
    > from a variety of sources and answer the question that way. It may well be
    > impossible or impractical to say which KBs you actually used, there may be too
    > many of them.
    Perhaps selecting/using is old-fashioned, but once you have an answer you
    still want to be able to say where it came from. For example, you may have
    to provide "justifications" to some decision you make based on the answer
    (and I am using the term "justification" loosely although you could think of
    it in the TMS sense as well).
    In addition, you do want to be able to say which information the query
    processor is "allowed" to use in coming up with the answer (e.g., "use any
    sources you can find but do not listen to what Pat has to say" :-).
        - Ora
    Ora Lassila
    Research Fellow, Nokia Research Center

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