Preliminary Report on Dagstuhl Seminar on Rule Markup Techniques

From: Harold Boley (
Date: 02/19/02

Hi all,

the focus here is on aspects potentially relevant to the Joint Committee.
A more complete report will be accessible from a link to the left of the
'Topics' link at in future.

The final version of the program already links to most presentation slides:

Here is a run through some of the highlights of some of the talks:

Eric Prud'hommeaux, W3C:
The ACLs system does access control and administration for the W3C website
and demonstrates key Semantic Web components (slide 19): Logic, Proof, Trust

Dieter Fensel, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam:
The Web Service Modeling Framework (WSMF) provides a maximally de-coupled,
scalably mediated model for developing/describing Web services & composition

Ian Horrocks, University of Manchester:
Introduction to Semantic Web, DAML+OIL, Description Logics, and (starting at
p. 32) possible combinations with Axioms and Rules, incl. "discount" example

Stefan Decker, Stanford University:
TRIPLE: A Query, Inference, and Transformation Language for the Semantic Web

Wolfgang May, Universität Freiburg:
>From F-Logic (Frame-based data model) to XPathLog (XPath + variable bindings)

François Bry, Universität München:
Grouping constructs (such as and/or/xor, ordered/unordered, n to m, ...) can
express more semantics for semistructured data like XML, incl. schema/query

Grigoris Antoniou, Universität Bremen:
Efficient defeasible reasoning needs only explicit negation and simulates naf

Mike Dean, BBN Technologies:
Visual DAML+OIL demonstration & Report on experiences using rules with DAML+OIL

Follow-up event: We plan to hold a workshop on

"Rule Markup Languages for Business Rules in the Semantic Web"

emphasizing both reaction rules (contact: Gerd Wagner) and defeasible rules
(contact: Michael Schroeder), collocated with the International Semantic Web
Conference (ISWC2002), June 10-12, 2002, as part of the OntoWeb SIG meetings,
June 12-14, 2002, Sardinia, Italy (

Also, there will be an AI-2002 Workshop on

"Business Agents and the Semantic Web"


Kind regards,
Harold Boley

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