querying DAML+OIL syntax

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (pfps@research.bell-labs.com)
Date: 11/27/01

So I looked over the DAML+OIL syntax and model theory and came up with the
following conclusions:

1/ All triples are actually carried into the model theory, so Richard is
somewhat justified in trying to query them.  I now view this as a mistake,
so I wouldn't count on the situation staying stable.  Also querying logical
triples is not likely to get what you want.

2/ If you only carry reasonable triples into the model theory, then you get
the following division of DAML+OIL syntax.

RDF Syntax - doesn't even make it to the RDF graph, so can't be queried

	rdf:RDF rdf:Description
	rdf:ID rdf:about rdf:resource

Untouchable - should not make it into the model theory

	Ontology versionInfo imports

	unionOf intersectionOf disjointUnionOf oneOf

	onProperty toClass hasValue
	hasClass minCardinality maxCardinality cardinality
	hasClassQ minCardinalityQ maxCardinalityQ cardinalityQ

	equivalentTo sameClassAs samePropertyAs sameIndividualAs
	disjointWith differentIndividualFrom inverseOf

Questionable - it may be possible to take these into the model theory

	rdfs:subClassOf rdfs:subPropertyOf
	rdfs:domain rdfs:range

	rdfs:Class rdfs:Literal rdf:Property
	Class Datatype Thing Nothing

	ObjectProperty DatatypeProperty 
	TransitiveProperty UniqueProperty UnambiguousProperty 

OK, except in DAML+OIL logical constructs

	List nil first rest item

OK - no change is required to make these work because they are not really

	rdfs:label rdfs:comment
	rdfs:seeAlso rdfs:isDefinedBy


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