(DQL) Servers and Clients

From: Richard Fikes (fikes@ksl.stanford.edu)
Date: 11/27/01

I am composing responses to the recent e-mail messages regarding DQL and
am planning on sending out a series of such messages.  Here is a simple
one to get started.


I proposed referring to the agent sending the query as the "client" and
the agent receiving the query as the "server".

Pat said:

> BTW, I really 
> dislike that term 'server'; it suggests an asymmetry between the 
> querier and queried that isn't likely to survive in the broader SW 
> world, I think.

For me, it was simply a matter of convenience to refer to the "query
answering agent" as the "server" and to the "query asking agent" as the
"client".  Some such shorthand names are useful, and those terms are the
ones typically used regarding knowledge servers and data servers.  I
don't care much what names we use, although "querier" and "queried"
don't seem to me to be improvements.


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