Agentcities most likely to use DAML+OIL

From: Frank van Harmelen (
Date: 11/25/01

Agent-cities ( is an European funded network of agent-researchers. One of their aims is to realise a large scale network or distributed agents all collaborating and sharing information. One of their motivating examples was a "tourist" application with different cities having agents each supplying information for travellers (hence the name of the network). Other application areas (eg. medicine) are quickly gaining importance. 

After a meeting with Steven Willmott <> (one of the leading names in the Agentcities consortium), I learned that it is most likely that Agentcities will be using DAML+OIL as their ontology-language. 

They were most encouraged by the start of the Web Ontology group, taking DAML+OIL as its starting point. This gives them some hope of the stability they need in order to get their agent-network off the ground. 

Jim: this should also provide some very interesting use-cases and feedback for the Web Ont group. 	Jonathan Dale (Fujitsu) <> is a member of the Web Ontology group and also participating in Agent Cities, so he will function as contact point. 


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