updated agenda for Joint Committee telecon 13 November

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (pfps@research.bell-labs.com)
Date: 11/13/01

We'll have our weekly telecon November 13, today, from 4-5pm
EST, 1-2pm PST, and corresponding times in other locations.

The dial-in numbers are

  U.S.:  800-298-9646

  outside U.S.:  +1-904-779-4740

  If you're asked, the chairperson is Jack Cater (one of my
  Mike's coworkers) or Mike Dean.

A parallel logged IRC session will be available on the
#joint-committee channel at irc.daml.org (see
https://www.daml.org/irc/ for the server password).

Below is an updated agenda

	Minutes for 30 October 2001 are available at 
	Minutes for 6 November 2001 are not yet avilable.


	Deborah is maintaining
	as a repository for ``Tricks of the Trade''.  Send mail to
	her (and cc joint-committee) with any additions you want.

  Submission news (Peter)

	Almost all the required information has been collected.  Even the
	Lucent lawyers have responded.  The only person missing is 
	.... Dan Connolly!  (At least I don't remember seeing anything from

  WebOnt news (Peter/...)

	We had an administrative telecon yesterday.  Next telecon will be
	in about two weeks.  The first face-to-face is scheduled at Bell
	Labs 14 and 15 January 2002.  

  possible (short) report on DL+LP rules from Benjamin and Ian

  Richard's query issues summary

	Potential issues:
	 - query form - premise
		      - pattern and variables
	 - query answers - constants only
			 - what are answers
			 - repetition
	 - answer control - number of answers
			  - effort required
	 - justifications
	 - kinds of queries - entailment
			    - structural

  XML Query Data model (Dan) [missing from draft minutes]

  next week

Peter F. Patel-Schneider

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