Re: announcement by W3C

From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 10/27/01

At 8:50 AM -0400 10/27/01, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
>[Written in the style of the announcement.  By the way, is there an
>effective-writing doctor in the W3C house?]
>I would appreciate your attention to the recent announcement
>After consideration of the announcement, I am pleased to believe that W3C
>has started the Web Ontology Working Group.

Peter beat me to the punch, but I'm happy to announce that the W3C 
has officially approved the start of the webont working group.  At 
this point, people who are interested in being invited experts, and 
not affiliated with W3C members, should let me know of their interest 
in joining.
  -Jim H.
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