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From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 10/10/01

At 5:28 PM -0400 10/9/01, Jeff Heflin wrote:
>Before the start of today's telecon, there were a number of people who
>sounded interested in exchanging ideas about courses on the topic of the
>"Semantic Web." For those who are interested, my Semantic Web course web
>page is at:
>I'd be interested in any feedback or suggestions that you might have.
>I'd also be interested in discussing course content and organization
>issues with others who have offered or plan on offering a similar

I'm teaching a sem web hacking course this term.  To make it more interesting,
I have created a wiki - a group read/write web page - which is for 
people teaching Sem Web classes.  I have a page for my class, which 
dispatches to pages for other people's classes - you can easily 
create new pages for your classes, or go to the pointers for mine. 
We have a brainstorming section for ideas on sem web projects, and an 
"ask the experts" area for questions on RDF/DAML (still mainly 
  Go to - follow 
the link to "other classes" and you'll see the link Jeff put in, and 
there's one there for Jeff and another for the Russian class that is 
supposed to start using it soon.
  Feel free to create new links for other schools, etc. (it's real 
easy to use the wiki - follow the link to the wiki home page, and it 
has some easy to follow instructions - literally takes under 5 
minutes to get going).
  If this page starts getting abused we'll add a password, but for now 
I'm lewaving access open to anyone who wants.

p.s. We've also had some sessions on the #rdfig chat with my class 
asking questions of danbri, DanC, aaron, and others.  Tim will be 
doing one later in the term - there's links to those class chats on 
the wiki as well.

p.p.s. The W3C team has an expression "WIKI cool" to mean something 
incredibly nifty (for lack of a better term).  Play with the sem web 
classes wiki, and see why.
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