General Semantic Web talk material

From: Frank van Harmelen (
Date: 10/09/01

This is somewhat off-topic,
but it came up as a point of shared interest before starting tonight's teleconf.

Pat asked for slides to use for a Semantic Web talk for a general industrial audience. I recently gave just such a talk for the Dutch W3C membership (ranges from journalists via industrialists to academics and techies). 

You can find it at (9 slides per A4, b&w, 4Mb) and (8Mb, color & animated)

Outline is:
- General idea of Semantic Web + 
  motivating scenarios from search engines and e-commerce
- The notion of "machine processable semantics",
  including my favourite slide on "what's it like to be a machine"
- a bluffer's guide to XML (2 slides) and RDF(S) (3 slides),
  including my favourite slide on "why XML does not carry semantics"
- an impression of DAML+OIL,
  including my favourite slide on ts comptability with RDF(S)
- Closing with some applications we've done with this stuff:
  e-commerce product search and semantic sitemaps

Feel free to copy, paste, steal or borrow,
as long as you mention my name somewhere.

I'd be interested to hear if anybody uses this (or parts of it).


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