Re: datatypes and RDF Schema

From: Pat Hayes (
Date: 10/04/01

>>  A n-triple example using XML Schema datatypes:
>  >         John age "5" .
>>  All that is known so far is that John's age is some data value that can be
>>  lexicalized as 5.
>	(exists (?x) (and (age John ?x) (lexicalRep ?x "5"))
>which, I suggest, is more naturally represented as:
>	John age _:x.
>	_:x lexicalRep "5".
>i.e. some folks will see this as putting another
>RDF node and arc in the graph. That doesn't bother
>me, but it bothers some folks a lot.

Well, theres another way of looking at this. You could argue that a 
full understanding of lexicalRep would have these two graphs each 
extended-RDF-entailing the other:

John age "5" .

John age _:x.
_:x lexicalRep "5" .

as long as everyone agrees that "5" is universally recognizable as 
being a lexical representation, even when it just occurs 'naked', as 
in the first graph. Then the content of the second graph could be 
conveyed by the first one.

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