proposed agenda item for this week's meeting

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (
Date: 10/01/01


I would like to propose that we spend a considerable amount of time this
week discussing the new model theory for RDF and RDF Schema that Pat Hayes
has produced.  By the way, there will be a new version of the model theory
coming soon, see message 2001Sep/0450.html in the RDF Core WG mailing list.

I further propose that we divide this discussion into three

1/ Comments about the model theory itself, as it relates to RDF and RDF
   Schema, that we may want to get back to the RDF Core WG.

2/ Discussion of the impact of the model theory on DAML+OIL.

3/ Discussion of the political aspects of the situation with respect to the
   RDF Core WG, the WebOnt WG, W3C, and the Joint Committee.

I will have some initial comments on all three of these in an upcoming


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