w3c submission

From: Deborah McGuinness (dlm@ksl.stanford.edu)
Date: 09/14/01

does one typically need to make an updated submission to w3c  or is
there typically one submission?

I ask because after quite a bit of html hacking effort,

now passes the w3c validator.

the html version of our file is automatically generated from the word
document version.  The automatic kif theorem and axiom extractor works
on the word version of the file so the word version is the one that is
being maintained.
We do not want to have to do the hand html hacking again  but if there
is a time in the process when one needs to make modifications, we need
to know in advance so that we can minimize the extra hand work that
needs to be done for the update by keeping detailed logs aimed at only
this update.

so my specific questions are -
will there need to be another submission with an updated version of the
axiomatic semantics in html form that passes the w3c validator?
if so, when in the process might this be expected to happen  and will
the format be the same?

I presume this question really goes to dan c, dan b, and maybe jim h
and maybe ora l but any info would be appreciated.

thx for your help,

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