Joint Committee personnel change

From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 08/27/01

Folks- As of end of this week, I need to step down as the US Govt 
advisor of the US/EU joint committee.  I would urge the committee to 
consider asking Murray Burke, the new DAML PM, to take my place - 
suggest this as an agenda item for Tuesday's meeting.
  With respect to my participation - I would be willing to join the 
committee as a regular member if you folks decide it would be 
worthwhile and invite me (note: per our very early discussion on 
membership - the ad hoc committee has its own authority to invite 
people w/no concurrance on part of govt advisors needed - although 
possibly sought).
  Also, if you do ask me to join the committee, I won't be able to 
make a lot of the phone calls (starting this Thursday I teach at 4PM 
EDT on T, TH) but will certainly monitor documents, participate in 
writing, etc.
  -Jim H.
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